Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Exotic Alloys, Plastic (HDPE), Bulk Storage, ASME Reactors, Pilot Reactors, Field-Erected, and Tote tanks.

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Field-Erected Tanks

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300,000 gallon atmospheric carbon steel field-erected storage tank


ASME Code Reactors & Process Tanks

tank01.gif (32199 bytes)Industrial and chemical processing requires many different types of tanks.  Our fabrication shop has the facilities to build and design ASME code process tanks and reactors.  Half-pipe, dimple jacketing, or internal coil options are available to meet the most challenging heating or cooling applications.  We can fabricate tanks out of carbon steel, stainless steel, and several exotic alloys. 

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Half-pipe ASME code reactor vessels



5,000-gallon dimple jacked process tank equipped with a 60 HP Sharpe Mixer designed to blend chemical product batches up to 50,000 cps


A pilot reactor with internal coils


Fiberglass Tanks

tank03.gif (39843 bytes)The picture on the right is one example of a salt brine system that we supplied for a customer.  

The size, construction material, or the type of your next tank is not an issue.  We have the ability and the experience to build it either in the fab shop or onsite at your plant.  Our field crews are ASME certified and offer complete tank construction, maintenance, and/or repair.

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