R-Series Agitators                      

R-Series Mixers
Helical / Spiral-bevel gear drive
5 HP to 300 HP
Top entry

The Sharpe R-Series drives are engineered and built specifically to handle the tough mixing requirements in industries like food processing, waste and water treatment, chemical processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and mining.

This drive stands up to high bending and thrust loads on the output shaft, reliable round-the-clock operation, and absolutely no leakage of gear lubricant into the product being mixed.

The Sharpe R-Series drive offers a large-diameter, high-capacity output shafts to accommodate the high-bending moment loads common in mixing applications.  

It also includes: extended bearing life-minimum 30,000 hours L-10 at 1.25 service factor even at high thrust and moment loads. No-look drywell design physically separates the oil sump from the output shaft to eliminate gear oil contamination of your product.

Rugged cost or fabricated housings designed to withstand the stresses of mixing while maintaining accurate gear alignment.

Helical and spiral-bevel gearing for quiet operation and high reducer efficiency.

They are available with solid or hollow output shafts, and can be adopted to top, bottom, or side entry mixing.  To send a quotation request or for more information. Click below.

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