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If you are confronted with an oil contamination problem that requires prompt, corrective action, we have the answer for you...It's our Model 6-V Oil Skimmer.  It's versatile, rugged, always dependable, and fully automatic.  No human assistance is required in the skimming operation.  All you do is install the 6-V, turn it on and it goes right to work skimming waste oils, mineral and vegetable oils, animal fats, oily froths and other contaminants from water, coolants and cleaning solutions.

Oil Skimmer Model 6-V

 The 6-V is designed to remove oil from settling ponds, steel mill scale pits, below-floor sumps, and central coolant systems. Using a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and around debris, the 6-V averages an oil removal rate of 10-80 gallons per hour depending upon viscosity.  

Several unique pre-fabricated mounting systems are offered to meet your specific application requirements.  The angle-frame (shown in the photo on the left) is one of the many available mounting options.

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Oil Skimmer Model 5-H

In addition to the 6-V, Oil Skimmers produces a compact skimmer designed for use in above-floor, open and closed tanks used in waste treatment systems, parts washers, and coolant systems.

The compact design of the 5-H is particularly suited for areas with limited space.  Just like the 6-V, the 5-H is fully automatic, easy to install, designed to work 24/7 and requires virtually no human intervention or maintenance.

Simple, rugged, and always dependable.


Unique features of both units

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